Restake DeFi liquidity to earn more on Blast.

Restaking liquidity enables you to use funds already held on other DEXes or money markets and earn more from spread, yields and points.

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Mangrove DEX

Total control over your liquidity

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Total value unlocked
Select your source of DeFi yield, and restake your positions by posting orders or running strategies on Mangrove DEX.
Optimise your yield
Any market making strategy can be coded in Mangrove offers. Optimise your liquidity yields running multiple trading strategies at the same time.
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Deploy your own composable strategy

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Build Your Own Strategy
Use market making strategies from our GitHub strategy library or design your own.
Buy low, sell high with Kandel
Mangrove’s first AMM is similar to UniV3 with more granular parameters. It’s inspired by the grid strategy and trades spread for profit.
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More functionalities for your users

By being integrated on Mangrove, protocols open new functionalities and farming opportunities for their users, while retaining their TVL.

Build any strategy or financial product
Let's upgrade DeFi together
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For defi users

Earn more.

Trade crypto

Swap and place limit-orders by restaking your liquidity on Mangrove’s order book.

Run AMMs

Automate your trading to maximize your earnings.


Mangrove puts security first.

Mangrove is an open-source protocol that has been rigorously audited by world leading security firms.

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