Total Value, Unlocked.

Unlimited liquidity for DeFi.
 Use DeFi protocols as your backend infrastructure for trading.

What is the Mangrove?

What is the Mangrove?

The Mangrove is an order book-based DEX that allows liquidity providers to post arbitrary smart contracts as offers.

This new flexibility enables liquidity providers to post offers that are not fully provisioned. The Mangrove's order book lists promises instead of locked commitments.

Liquidity can be shared, borrowed, lent and, at the same time, be displayed in the Mangrove's order book, ready to be sourced when, and only when, an offer is hit.

The time of DeFi 's fragmentation in a myriad of pools is ending.

In the Mangrove, liquidity reaches its ultimate potential.

Value doesn't have to be locked anymore.

Conditional Orders
Ghost liquidity
Sourcing liquidity
Double sensor
Last look

Enter the Mangrove.

For DeFi Investors & Traders
Seize profit.
Zero-slippage, keep your liquidity active at all times.
Access a unified order-book rooted in all corners of DeFi. Make your capital more efficient, by posting multiple orders leveraging the same assets, even when they are generating yield on other DeFi protocols.
For Professional Market Makers
Margin trading on DeFi.
Profit from the spread, borrow for your trades.
You can now post offers that are not fully provisioned and flash borrow capital to fulfill them. Stay close to the spread with conditional orders. Explore DeFi as a new territory for sophisticated market making strategies.
For Developers of Bots and Protocols
Build with us.
Create strategies tapping into DeFi liquidity.
Mangrove's composable and programmable order book is meant to be used by developers to create custom strategies. Yield generating protocols will benefit from low slippage trades and the ability to source liquidity from staking, lending and farming pools.
For Keepers
Keep the mangrove clean.
And get rewarded for it.
Mangrove's order book may be cluttered over time with irrelevant orders when market conditions evolve. Keepers are rewarded by the protocol when they snipe such orders and keep the book lean and gas-efficient.
Is Mangrove a DEX?
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… 1inch and Paraswap ?
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How does Mangrove work?
How to use Mangrove?
How much fees do I have to pay to use the service?
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What are the networks currently supported?
Will there be a token associated with the Mangrove protocol?
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