Deploy your own composable strategy

Mangrove enables liquidity providers to incorporate defensive code, post unprovisioned offers, and redisplay liquidity after their offers are taken.

Full control over your strategy parameters

Amplified liquidity

Optimize your trading potential by leveraging your liquidity across multiple pairs. For instance, you can create offers on WETH/USDC, WMATIC/USDC and WBTC/USDC pairs with an equal amount of USDC liquidity.

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Multi-liquidity sourcing

Your smart offer on Mangrove can take advantage of liquidity sourcing from other sources and offering it to the taker, allowing for profitable arbitrage opportunities.

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Last look

Smart offers allow you to code defensive mechanisms that adjust for market condition changes between offer posting and execution.

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On chain

Price Sensors

In your smart offer, you can dynamically trigger actions based on Mangrove DEX’s asset prices. It enables instantaneous stop loss and ensures that your offer remains attractive to potential takers in changing market conditions.

Run AMMs strategies

Provide liquidity on Mangrove’s order book in order to maximize your liquidity potential.
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Mangrove Exchange

Kandel strategy

Kandel is an on-chain Automated Market Making strategy that focuses on order flow rather than price. It automatically posts Bids and Asks within your chosen market and price range to buy low and sell high, making a profit through the spread.

Kandel Features

On-chain market making bot

Kandel is a market-making bot equivalent that operates solely on the blockchain. Unlike off-chain market making bots that experience delays, Kandel uses on-chain order flow to repost offers instantly, without any latency.
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Profit from the spread

Kandel follows your configuration parameters to populate Bids and Asks offers. When those are taken, the profits are generated from the difference between the two, known as the spread.”
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You have the opportunity to accumulate profits generated from spreads and reinvest them back into your offers, a process commonly known as compounding. On Kandel strategy, you can set the compounding rate.
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Price range

Since Kandel is an automated market-making strategy, the price range needs to be set. It consists of the lowest and highest prices in the price grid at which the market maker is willing to post its bids and asks on Mangrove DEX.
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Earn extra yield on AAVE

Since the liquidity on offer is not locked on the Mangrove order book, it can generate yield elsewhere on the chain. With Kandel, when an offer is taken, your liquidity can be sourced and redeposited on AAVE.
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