Mangrove Grants

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Grants Program

The Mangrove Grants Program supports developers building privacy into existing Ethereum services or developing completely new, Aztec-native privacy apps.

of cryptographic primitives in Noir
Full-fledged Mangrove-native applications
A handful of external events geared towards growing our developer ecosystem
Standalone consumer-facing frontends for Mangrove bridges

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How it works?

Grants Process

Review Requests 
for Proposal

We've called out several projects that we think would be beneficial to the Aztec ecosystem. 
Pick one to work on, or suggest your own grant proposal! The RFPs are just a tool for inspiration.

Submit Grant Application

Our simple grant application lets you quickly summarize your proposal and your desired funding needs; you'll get a response from our team ASAP on next steps.

Meet the Mangrove team

Within 48 hours of submission, we will reach out to discuss a project plan (timeline, milestones, outcomes, funding amount, and support needed).

Grant Agreement Finalization

We'll work internally on a grants agreement that highlights how we will support you. We'll work with you to finalize it.

Funding and Ongoing Support

That's it! From there, we will provide funding, support your growth milestones, introduce you to auditors and investors, and maintain open communications channels for periodic check-ins.

Requests For Proposals

Mangrove Exchange
Consumer Frontend
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