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Mangrove DEX
Total control over your offers

Mangrove's order book-based DEX lists promises instead of locked commitments. Liquidity can be shared, borrowed, lent somewhere and at the same time displayed on Mangrove, ready to be sourced when (and only when) an offer is taken.

How it works
Explaining Mangrove
Market makers facilitate the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies by providing liquidity and populating the Mangrove order book with smart offers.
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Takers buy or sell cryptocurrencies on the Mangrove order book, consuming liquidity provided by market makers, using market, limit orders or offer sniping.
More about Takers
Keeper bots are essential for the Mangrove order book as they detect and cancel failed offers, ensuring a smooth trading experience for takers.

In return, they receive a bounty as an incentive to continue their important cleaning work.
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