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Welcome to Mangrove, an ecosystem where ideas sprout and thrive. Here, we showcase exciting use cases that demonstrate the possibilities of what can be built on our platform.

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Programmable AMM

Create your own AMM on top of Mangrove, based on current or your own models, such as AMM aggregation or multi-token rebalancing.

Composable strategies

Create custom strategies with sophisticated conditional orders allowing you to incorporate defensive code, amplify liquidity by posting unprovisioned offers, and redisplay liquidity after your offers are taken from the Mangrove DEX.

Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool

Mangrove's programmability offers a convenient way to bootstrap your token sales. Unlike other protocols, on Mangrove you can code your own rules for Liquidity Bootstrapping Pools (LBPs).

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Develop a strategy or any product based on Mangrove engine.
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Additional strategies features

Carbon token trading

Amplify the liquidity of Carbon markets by listing tokens across multiple Mangrove pairs, and provisioning them only when offers are taken (the "Reactive Liquidity").

Partial liquidation

With Mangrove’s smart offers, borrowers could partially liquidate and re-evaluate their positions before reaching the red zone, reducing the risk of full liquidation and increasing the chances of retaining their collateral.

Instant directional trading

Use Mangrove's price sensors for directional trading, implementing on-chain stop-orders, allowing you to react instantly to changing market conditions.

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