The First Programmable DEX

Mangrove is an on-chain order book DEX that allows liquidity providers to post arbitrary smart contracts as offers.

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Mangrove Exchange

Total control over your offers

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Fully customizable offers
This new flexibility enables liquidity providers to post offers that are not fully provisioned. The Mangrove's order book lists promises instead of locked commitments.
Total value unlocked
On Mangrove DEX, code can be attached to offers and liquidity no longer has to be locked - it becomes reactive.
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Deploy your own composable strategy

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Customized yield
Generate yield anywhere on-chain while posting offers on Mangrove -use pre-made strategies or design your own.
Kandel - Buy low, sell high
Kandel is Mangrove’s first on-chain strategy - its goal is to make profits through accumulated spread.
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Unleash your protocol potential

Build a strategy or any product based on Mangrove engine.

Integrate composable strategies
Deploy your own
Build the future of DeFi with us
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Use your capital efficiently

Trade crypto

Swap and place limit-orders on Mangrove’s order book.

Run AMMs Strategies

Provide liquidity on Mangrove’s order book in order to maximize your liquidity potential.


Mangrove is a secure protocol

Mangrove is an open-source protocol that has been rigorously audited by the highly reputable and expert firm, ChainSec, ensuring the utmost security and reliability.

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Empowering DeFi through inclusion, innovation, and shared ownership - that's the Mangrove way.

Vincent, Jean and Adrien, co-founders of Mangrove
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Everyone can interact with the core protocol without having to ask permission nor risking to be censored.
As the first programmable exchange, Mangrove aims at leveraging any chain, asset, or protocol.
Financial institution
Market making for the rest of us. Mangrove makes market making strategies accessible to the many.
Credible Neutrality
Everyone can interact with the core protocol without having to ask permission nor risking to be censored.
Ownership is distributed
Mangrove users retain full control over their funds - the exchange does not hold custody of their assets.
No compromise with security
Mangrove will ensure top-tier security via immutable contracts, stringent audits and bug bounties.
Innovation & Education
Mangrove, advancing DeFi, paves way for new market strategies via code-execution in decentralized exchanges. Our focus is on nurturing these new mechanisms and boosting knowledge sharing
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